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Rubi Franchise Management System is a platform tailored to help in franchising and building of each unique franchise system. Our solution includes the collection, consolidation and delivery of information when and where it is needed. Rubi has grown up on franchising and have pioneered the use of Internet based software solutions and today are recognized as one of the leading providers of software to the Franchise community.

Rubi Enables The Ability To Control The Brand

Rubi Franchise Management Software is one of the leading platform tool which is specifically built with the aim of empowering and giving you the ability to control your brand, marketing networks, and franchise at a global, regional and franchise level.



It's easily managed and helps you in the growing of your network



It grants you a personalized access to your team anywhere and anytime



A completely customizable system to suit to your needs


All In One

Single system to manage the entire franchisee relationship

Franchise Management Software

Get constant updates.  Submit an idea, we will review it.  It may be added to the app.

Our innovative franchise management software enables the franchiser to imbibe its corporate culture into consistent franchisee service, which drives better employee engagement, leading to improved customer experience.

Mobility is key.  Think of a CRM that is at your finger tips just one app away.  Like no other.

No two organizations are the same
Start with our out-of-the-box software and tailor it to work the way you want to

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